Andy is a rockman from the planet Venus who joined King Arthur and his crew aboard Camelot in the 1500s. Sir Lancelot had tried to attack Andy when they first met, thinking him to be a monster, but Andy's rock-body proved a match for the weapons of the knights. Andy explored the galaxy with the knights of Space Britain and discovered he had a natural talent for craps during their stay on Outpost Finagle.



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Andy is a humanoid rockman and therefore made entirely of rock. His is orange hued, and would blend in with the rocks of his native world of Venus. His eyes are two, big, blue, glowing orbs that convey most of his moods. He has no mouth on his head[Pan 1].


As he has no mouth, Andy cannot speak, and instead he must convey his feelings to others through body language. He, like all rockmen, is friendly and extremely docile. Even when attacked[Pan 1].



Andy is impervious to most weaponry due to his rock-body, including spears, which bounce off of him[Pan 1]. This includes energy weapons, like a beam sword[Pan 2].


Space Camelot

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After King Arthur and the Camelot Crew left their home planet of Earth behind, they first travelled to Mercury[Pan 3]. However Arthur found it to be nothing but a boring rock so they moved to the next planet, which was Venus. When they detected life-signs an Away Team was sent down to the planet led by Sir Lancelot, a brave and enthusiastic knight. With him was his own son, Sir Galahad, and the son of the king, Prince Mordred. With them were two more knights, The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight. Upon seeing the first rockman, Sir Lancelot believed it to be a monster and attacked it with his spear. The spear was repelled by the rockman's body and when the rockman didn't retaliate, Lancelot found that the creature would mimic his waving. Thus they discovered that the rockmen were gentle, docile beings. One of the rockmen even decided to join the Camelot Crew for himself and Merlin the Younger, who was quite taken by the alien, named him Andy[Pan 1].Though he was unable to communicate, Andy went with the group of diplomats that visited the planet Saturn and its native Krypton people. When a raid struck the X-Krypton City, the humans went to battle and Andy himself was attacked by the raiders. Even the beam swords of the Kryptons proved ineffective against his tough stone-body. Unable to comprehend the violence, Andy just waved at them until the battle was won by the humans and X-Kryptons[Pan 2].


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