Anglia FitzLincoln, more commonly known as "Sir The Black Knight", was a Knight of the Round Table under King Arthur and served aboard Camelot. She was the illegitimate daughter of Tom a'Lincoln and Anglitora when Anglitora was going to be sacrificed to a dragon by her own father, Prester John. Anglia was brought back to Britannia, leaving India, and was raised by Anglitora alone while Tom a'Lincoln returned to his wife, Sir Caelia. Eventually she became a gallant knight in the employ of King Arthur, dubbed "The Black Knight" for her choice in ebony armour. She came to love his son, Prince Mordred, and formed a strong attachment for him during their travels through space.



Adhering to her title she wears black armour, black tabard, black boots, black helmet and, when wearing a spacesuit, she has a black visor to match. She is tall and strong[Pan 1].


She is often quiet and uncommunicative. She displays a lack of respect for authority, talking down to Prince Mordred[Pan 1]. She will often act on impulse and disobey orders[Pan 2].




Twin Scimitars

The Black Knight was wielding twin scimitars in the battle against Krypton raiders in the X-Krypton City. However they were sliced in half by the beam sword that the Kryptons used[Pan 2].


Pre-Space Camelot

The Black Knight is daughter to Tom a'Lincoln and half-sister to the Faerie Knight[Pan 1].

The Solar System


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The planet Venus was the first planet that the Camelot crew decided to visit in person since King Arthur led them from their home on Earth into space aboard the starship Camelot. An 'away team' was sent down to investigate the world, which was led by experienced knight Sir Lancelot du Lac. In his team was Prince Mordred, the king's son, Sir Galahad, Lancelot's own son, and the brother-sister duo The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight. In order to reach the planet they had to wear space-suits and travel aboard a small space-boat; information they learnt after the first expedition of red-shirts were killed by sulphuric rain. When they first landed on the planet they immediately found the skeletal remains of the previous team and Mordred voted that Lancelot ought to go first. In response to this Lancelot played a trick on them by pretending to die just outside of the boat, panicking the others inside only for him to laugh at them a moment later.

After some exploring they come across a strange rock-man being who Lancelot instantly attacks, only to find his weapon pinged off the stone hide of the creature. Despite the unprovoked attack, the rock-man didn't retaliate and proved to be very friendly, though unable to speak. This rock-man, later named Andy by Merlin the Younger, joined the Camelot crew to explore the galaxy[Pan 1].


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When Camelot arrived at Mars they were met by perennial ships of the Jupiterian Empire. They had discovered a ship identical to Camelot in orbit of Mars and Admiral Ltexi was given permission to temporarily join the Camelot Crew to conduct research[Pan 3]. Ltexi introduced the humans to the Kryptons of Saturn and the Black Knight was part of the contingent sent to the X-Krypton City. She was tasked with keeping guard outside the Custodian House at the behest of Sir Bedivere. Inside the Custodian House the group conversed with the Custodians of the X-Kryptons but suddenly the city of was being raided. The Black Knight didn't wait for orders, she charged to defend the city. She executed one of the attackers, much to the shock of the Custodian Gamma Pans. As the battle commenced, they discovered that the humans' conventional weapons, including the swords of the Black Knight, were ineffective against the energy weapons of the Kryptons. Only the magical blades of Prince Mordred and Sir Lancelot were useful. Once the fighting was over Gamma Pans discovered that the raiders were of the G-Kryptons, supposed allies of the X-Kryptons, and declared war[Pan 2].


Britt's Commentary

"When adding The Faerie Knight[Ext 1] and The Black Knight to the knight roster I wanted to create strong individual characters. I switched the original gender of the Arthurian canon Black Knight[Ext 2], but kept the 'black armour' motif and the backstory involving Prester John[Ext 3] and Anglitora." ~ Britt the Writer


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