Bo the Alligator was an anthropomorphic alligator that made a brief appearance during The Fight of the Century of the Week where he ate several audience members, a presenter and a drunk cameraman. When Bo the Alligator arrived in the Arena, part of Ares' Colosseum, The Otter, a NeS Hero, took it upon himself to kill Bo the Alligator. He remembered, having watched Bo's rampage on TV, that the alligator had eaten a drunk cameraman and used his Vulcan flame to set the alcohol aflame - thus killing Bo the Alligator.



Bo is an anthropomorphic alligator with powerful jaws[NeS1 1].


He is aggressive and homicidal. He seems to dislike new innovative designs, hence his attack on the Amazing Innovations studio[NeS1 1].


His real accent is unknown, but when speaking he puts on a badly faked Southern U.S.A. accent[NeS1 1].


Powerful Jaws

Bo the Alligator has incredibly powerful jaws and a wide maw, such that he is capable to eat an entire human very quickly[NeS1 1].

Tough Scales

Bo has incredibly tough scales that are like natural armour, able to defend him against even powerful sword strokes with ease[NeS1 2].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Bo the Alligator burst onto the television studio after it was announced that his action figure would be sold with every order made on the show Amazing Innovations. He instantly eats Tony (British Pitch Guy) and several mimes before he stomps off in the direction of Ares' Colosseum[NeS1 1]. Nobody noticed Bo the Alligator arrive at the Colosseum until after he ate a hotdog man and several cameramen[NeS1 3]. When he started to eat members of the audience, Otter came after him wielding his Huskarl sword. The sword, however, couldn't pierce Bo's armour-like scales and Otter, instead, uses his Vulcan Flame. He sends two balls of fire into the alligator's mouth, which ignites with the alcohol of one of the drunk cameramen. Bo the Alligator exploded[NeS1 2].


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