The Cult of X is a cult dedicated to the methods of "X", X later being revealed as "Plot" and, specifically, th Ever-ending Plot. They have been known to both work with the EeP but also battle against the EeP depending on the word of their current Seer. The group's secondary duty was to stalk Britticus throughout the ages due to the obsession of Aetas X who went so far as to clone herself so that she may continue following the ageless man. Ironically, when Antestarr later killed Suzy X, one of the later clones, Britt, who had previously been murdered also by Antestarr, was forced to take the new clone body for himself and become the new seer for the cult as "Brittica X". Members of the, except for the Seer, will normally wear an X somewhere on their clothing. This includes long-term NeS Hero, Rob X, Cygnus X and Maxim X.

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