Dhaeriend do'Ziikin is a drow and an alchemist. During one of his past lives he travelled with King Arthur of humanity as he, and his people, ventured and colonised space. Many lives later Dhae travelled with Clear aboard The Hopeful and visited the Cosmic Nullius with her and her crew.



He has short hair, is generally as odd as most drow, including males, culturally have long hair. It's bright white while his skin is completely obsidian. He also does not wear traditional drow garments. Though drow like brightly coloured clothes, he will often wear hideously matching and garish colours[CatH 1].


Loud Outfit

He wore a green and orange shirt, two colours that do not compliment each other. He has a pair of very short white shorts that probably are meant to be worn by women in hot countries of Earth. On his feet are sandals[CatH 1].

Cosmic Nullius Outfit

When on the Cosmic Nullius he wore a simple white shirt and khaki trousers and a trilby on his head[CatH 2].


He will often say abbreviations, such as TBH, out loud. He can be quite witty and will make some jokes but also attempts to be polite and even masks his rude words with politeness. He will open be quite open and honest, even admitting that he is a scoundrel when it comes to the issue of money[CatH 1].

Skills & Powers



See also: Drow#Resurrection

As a drow, he will resurrect upon death and has lived several lives. When young they do not remember their old lives until adolescence when they begin to awaken[CatH 2].


He is an alchemist[CatH 1].


Space Camelot

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The Living Daylights

See also: The Living Daylights | Main article: CatH Post 83

Dhae was brought onboard The Hopeful by Green and Rui-Rho via The Lightstaff when Clear, the ship's captain, offered up passage to the Cosmic Nullius from Saturn. Green told grand tales of Clear before he ever even reached the ship's Hangar. He meets with Clear and Ltexi and after a brief exchange of witty banter he is led to his room by Rui-Rho. The robot, however, likes to tell very bad jokes, much to Dhae's horror[CatH 1].

The World of Tomorrow

Main article: The World of Tomorrow

The Hopeful came to the Cosmic Nullius, a colossal megaconstruct that is a sphere wrapped around a yellow star. Within its interior are a few of the original inner planets of the star system and the concave world of the Cosmic Nullius upon the inside of the sphere. The Hopeful docks at The Garage, an entire planet dedicated to docking incoming ships and transport services. Once on the Cosmic Nullius, the group slowly made towards the Saturn Consulate to escort Ambassador Uppity Bags. When Dhae mentioned that the Cosmic Nullius was even more impressive than the Outpost Finangle, which he had visited in a previous life, Uppity Bags wanted to inquire about the topic of past lives. Clear, however, quickly dismissed the topic as religious nonsense and they moved on to the consulate, which was part of the grounds for the Earth Embassy. The group then moved on without Uppity Bags and went to the Jupiter Embassy so that Admiral Ltexi could tell her people that she had returned from stasis[CatH 2].




Pantheons of the NeSiverse References


Clear and the Hopeless References

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