Dust is a substance that descends upon stories that have reached The End, concealing the narrative in its conclusion. It is believed to have originated in the Garden of Eden on Earth and can have dangerous, corrupting effects upon living beings should they be exposed to it. Morthrandur, who was once Erro Simon, DarkSide, a super villain of the NeS Heroes, and Dusty, of The Peacekeepers, have all been known to have been changed because of the effects of Dust.



The End of Stories



Dust can grant a wide array of powers upon individuals effected by Dust and no two persons may have the exact same abilities as a result. Usually, however, Dust is a corrupting influence and the people changed will never be the same as they once were (citations needed).



Some Characters will gain the ability to scry fate and scan for future or past events, allowing them to then determine their own future actions[Tales 1]. They can scry the fates of individuals or of entire civilisations. Scrying can, however, become more difficult the more significant history has happened in an area or if time-travel has affected fate. This causes the threads of fate to become knotted[Tales 2].





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Dusty is so nicknamed because he is a 'child of Dust' and nobody can say his real name. He is a Peacekeeper agent that works with Iskendriel to preserve the dimensional and temporal integrity of The Imperium. He uses his powers of Dust to scry[Tales 1] and weave threads in the favour of his group.


The Garden of Eden



From Geb the Writer: I largely recall introducing it for the climax between Erro and Desmond for Erro to become Morthrandur, and for "Forgotten" like Maybe to find it in the present day so that they'd be equally confronted with basically becoming evil, with the idea there being forgotten things can collect dust. I also wanted to suggest at a possible origin for Darkside with the Dust. While the initial inception I had was for it to be more or less a Faustian bargain plot device, I think the idea of it having some connection with "finished stories" (and with possible Forgotten) is probably a more interesting spin.


Tales from The Imperium References

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