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How to create references for a wiki article?

Select "Insert" on the editor and then select "Reference". Generally this should be done after the section you have written. If the sentence contains more information from different sources, you can insert references throughout the sentence/paragraph.

Insert Reference 1

Once you have the dialogue box open our format would be as follows;


You can turn each of these into links to their articles by highlighting them and selecting the 'link' icon.

At the bottom of the dialogue box you will see 'Group' in which you should type in the relevant grouping for your reference, such as 'NeS1' for any references taken from the Never-ending Story1 thread.

Insert Reference 2

Once done you will see your reference in blue brackets after your sentence. Then, for the sake of clarity, you ought to select the bracket, go to the text drop-down and select "Subscript" to make the reference bracket smaller.

Insert Reference 3

Finally you will need to create the 'footnote' for the references. You will want to use the the Heading of "References", followed by the sub-heading 1 that marks whichever Thread you are getting your references from. Under that heading then select "Insert" again and then "Reference List". Type in your group and it will automatically insert all references you create for that group.

Insert Reference 4

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