Erro Simon II was Main Character for NeS 1888 and was both the founder and leader of the League of Heroes. His parents, only known as Baron Simon and Lady Simon, were killed before him by NeSferatu led by Count Desmond setting the boy on a path of revenge. He was guided by Mustang Aurelius Ford but also mentored by T12TE alongside the young man that would become his best friend, and eventual rival, T13TE. He was an ancestor to the current, and subsequent, Main Characters of The Never-ending Story - Gebohq Simon and Losien Simon. He died due to the Dust, which caused him to age prematurely. However after he died he rose as Morthrandur.




When Erro was a child he was forced, upon his mother's request, to wear a bloint by his butler RawHaggis. This bloint, however, was ruined by Bernard the First's poop attack. A bloint is, basically, a hat worn on trousers.



Powers & Talents




Notes & Inconsistencies


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