Evil G has gone through a variety of names including "Gebiyl", "Evil Geb" and "Shattered Geb", but Evil G is the first name he appears to like. Evil G is Gebohq Simon from an Alternate Dimension where Gebohq was twisted by events that turned him into an Evil Powerplayer that dominated his own dimension. And whilst he was once dark, sinister and brooding he somehow fell in love with a woman. A woman named Young, who happened to be a physical incarnation of the Never-ending Story itself and also its daughter. Eventually Evil G would escape the mass consumption of dimensions by the Ever-ending Plot and find himself joining the NeS Heroes where Young had been waiting for him. Young gave birth to Evil G's son Chance, prompting even more responsibility for Evil G and tethering him with the NeS Heroes. Since emerging from his home dimension, Evil G's personality has taken on some of its former attributes - particularly the comedic side to Gebohq - but with much more apparent intelligence and wit than ever before.

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