Template:Character Farr, a demon from Hell, once served Totallyevil and fought against the NeS Heroes.



Farr is described as a 'shadow' and a power source of Hell. However, this shadow is supposed to be an aura of darkness, suggesting something lurks at the centre of that darkness. Little more detail is given as to his actual physical descriptions. He apparently has an innocent, child-like laugh that sends chills down the spines of mortals.

Powers & Talents

Aura of Darkness

Farr is surrounded by a physical aura of darkness that both shrouds his physical being within and halts all physical contact. This aura, however, does not protect Farr from magical or elemental damage that is non-physical.





Main article: Totallyevil (Story Arc)

Farr appeared during the final few posts of The Fight of the Century of the Week Story ArcTotallyevil had killed Grand Admiral Thrawn, the primary antagonist of the Story Arc, and displayed the man's severed head as proof of her power. Wolf, Totallyevil and Farr then arrived in the Arena to challenge the NeS Heroes. Wolf and Farr were acting as henchmen for Totallyevil and are usually considered to have been part of the Disney Forces, though they were never credited as such. Wolf attacked and wounded The Otter. Then, the heroes were subjected to a Character Class[Ext Ref 1]system from the Dungeons & Dragons[Ext Ref 2] franchise, changing the characters' abilities into that of their respective D&D class. The Otter became a druid[Ext Ref 3], while anther NeS Hero, MaybeChild, became a cleric[Ext Ref 4]. With her new cleric powers, Maybe healed The Otter's wounds. The Otter was then able to use his new powers to transport the heroes, including himself, MaybeChild, Gebohq SimonAntestarr and Semievil, out the Arena. The Arena, and the asteroid it was riding, was bound to crash into the Star Destroyer[Ext Ref 5] of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Totallyevil, Wolf and Farr followed the Heroes to Stonehenge. Above, they saw the destruction of Ares' Colosseum and the Star Destroyer, which led to the new Story Arc.

After the villains killed a Random Audience Member, the heroes engage in a brief, but futile, battle. Following that decided to hide. They created a bunker of metal using magic and surrounded themselves, and Stonehenge, inside. Wolf and Farr grew bored and began to attack each other before Totallyevil calmed them down. Antestarr came out to challenge Farr to a duel, however everything suddenly appeared in 8-bit and Antestarr was asked to input commands in a command console to attack. As it was a game, when Antestarr attacked he received a numerial damage value - which was 0. Antestarr pleaded for help. In response the Command Console started to rattle off a bunch of help options including, "Enter three for help eating various forms of spinach." While Antestarr is being tormented by the Command Console, a new character entered - Krig the Viking.

Semievil reached out quickly, grabbed Antestarr, and pulled him back into the bunker. Farr's attention then focused upon Krig the Viking and called his a gnome. Krig, angry at being called a gnome, attacked Farr but his waraxe got stuck in Farr's thick aura of darkness. When The Otter realised that Krig may be a potential ally, he transformed into a cheetah, rushed out and saved Krig by pulling him back inside the bunker.

When Antestarr said that the game Killer Instinct 2[Ext Ref 6] sucked, Uncle Tusk overheard him from outside the bunker and used his axe to break down the wall. Once a crack opened, Uncle Tusk saw Krig as a fellow barbarian and the two of them skipped away merrily. However this left the bunker open for the villains to enter. MaybeChild used her clerical powers to conjure up an aetherial hand that swatted Farr away and out of the bunker, giving The Otter to conjure a new teleportation spell and they were gone.

Sometime later the heroes returned to Stonehenge where the villains were still waiting for them. MaybeChild managed to kill Wolf after she was consumed by his dark aether and used her divine light to explode him from the inside. When the heroes had almost capture Totallyevil, Farr interrupted them. In order to, once again, hide from the villains, Semievil cast an illusion spell that turned the heroes into rocks.


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