Template:CharacterFfion Heul is a human born on Terra Flux and acts as an Æon student, aspiring to become a knight in time. She has been paired with Kokoro Lymn since they were children and they were both students to Telkrin Izep before his supposed demise on the planet Oeurwoud. She is impulsive and aggressive, often skirting the edge of neutrality - the ultimate ideal for any Æon Knight. During their travels with Clear aboard The Hopeful, they meet with Aellisin Koure who was a student alongside Telkrin Izep when he was an aspiring student. Although he is a dark Æon, Ffion Heul agreed to become his student. Unknowingly the women of the Hopeful crew, save for Kokoro Lymn, were being affected by Koure's pheromones to serve his will. Ultimately he was able to turn Ffion against Kokoro.

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