France is a major country situation in Western Europe and plays a big role in the European Union. Formerly known as Gaul, when it was conquered by Rome, since then France became a dominant force in Europe and later the world as a colonial power. It was the home to The Magium, a training centre for mages, thanks to a strong nexus of magical laylines but it is also the home for the NeSferatu under the guidance of Nyneve. Nyneve would later rise to power as Emperor of Europe and hold her seat of power from France itself.

The Magium

Main article: The Magium

The Magium was a school for magic and centre of learning for mages after the original training hub, Doughnutdelf in England, was attacked and destroyed by Nyneve and her NeSferatu[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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