Gamma Pans was an X-Krypton that was a Custodian on the planet Saturn for the X-Krypton City and first welcomed the Jupiterians of Jupiter and then the humans of Earth. King Arthur, of the humans, decided to conquer the G-Krypton people but after the ruse of Omega Wier the humans chose to leave Saturn. Gamma Pans, now something of an outcast, chose to join Space Britain and sail the stars. He was often perplexed by human behaviour and was intrigued by alien culture. He helped King Mark and Queen Iseult especially with their colonisation preparations, especially in cultivating plants. He was also the possessor of the lighting amulet, which held a mysterious past he hoped Morganna le Fay or Merlin the Younger would be able to uncover.



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Physically the Kryptons are humanoid but much taller. Despite their height they are supported by spindly thin legs and have a squat torso from which a childlike head protrudes. They also have small, child-sized hands from their long arms. Gamma Pans has obsidian black skin and orange irises. Kryptons' shoulders are so small they are hardly visible where the arms meet the torso.

As with most Kryptons, Gamma Pans wears kryptonite clothing. A crystalline substance that is exceptionally hard and durable. But he also wears Liquid Armour over it, which is usually worn by combatants. It appears liquid-like but conforms to the body's shape. He can pull it up into a protective hood[Pan 1].


When dealing with alien cultures, Gamma Pans would try to emulate their actions and later he would attempt to integrate into their society[Pan 1].


Liquid Armour

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Kryptons wear liquid armour when going into danger. It is a liquid-like, semi-solid metal that conforms to the body it is on. It can be moulded into other shapes, such as being pulled up into a hood for head protection. It can protect from physical attacks and energy weapons but it also is defensible against certain magical attacks too[Pan 1].

Lightning Amulet

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The Lightning Amulet that Gamma Pans possesses is able to fire hot, white lightning strikes from it to zap enemies. It can break through, even, liquid armour[Pan 1]. Although keen for the human's aid in battle initially, he came to see that humans treated war as a kind of game or art rather than a necessary evil and he came to doubt himself[Pan 2].


Pre-Space Camelot

Gamma Pans was amongst those that were met by the Jupiterians and from them he learnt English[Pan 1].

Space Camelot


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Gamma Pans was one of the three Custodians of the X-Kryptons that met with the humans when they were brought to Saturn by Admiral Ltexi of Jupiter. A cadre of knights arrived to engage in diplomatic discussion, including the son of King Arthur named Prince Mordred. Sir Bedivere, one of the wise knights, gave up information regarding Earth, its history and an assortment of facts that Mordred didn't think to be even true. Gamma Pans was joined by Omega Wier and Phoenix Tram, but he was the only one that spoke English. The Black Knight was left on guard duty outside the Custodian House so when a raider attack arrived in the city, she was first to join the fray. When Gamma Pans and the other humans arrived, The Black Knight mercilessly executed one of the raiders, much to the shock of Pans. The humans' weapons were useless against the energy weapons of the enemy Kryptons and their liquid armour, except for those with magical weapons such as Clarent, in the hands of Mordred, and Arondight, in the hands of Sir Lancelot. Even their Faerie Knight, who blasted magical lightning, found his powers absorbed. When Pans unleashed his own brand of magical lightning from his lightning amulet, it worked just fine. After the battle, Pans discovered that the raiders were G-Kryptons from a mark on a man's palm. The G-Kryptons were supposed to be allies of the X-Kryptons and this treachery meant war[Pan 1].

The warmachine of King Arthur far outstripped that of the Kryptons and Gamma was so overwhelmed with the military might and willingness to kill in battle of the humans that he started to have doubts. He discussed the matter with King Arthur himself when Sir Caelia, a faerie, approached and asked about the Lightning Amulet. Gamma revealed that the amulet had once fallen to Saturn from the sky and his ancestors acquired it. Since then it passed through the generations of his family. When the battle began he used the amulet to strike the G-Krypton foes, though he admitted he didn't use the amulet much and wasn't that good with it[Pan 2].


Britt's Commentary

"Gamma Pans was one of the Characters created for the Chinese Students Competition and though he wasn't the winning character, I incorporated him into Space Camelot and used his information to create a whole species and culture around. The student that originally created Gamma Pans was especially talented in English and keen on geek culture." ~ Britt the Writer.


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