Gwenhwyfar is the name of Losien Simon's Potential and arrived in the Never-ending Story^2 when the swordsman, Soriel, released the Potentials in the hope they would be able to defeat Highempress, a Powergamer that was released into the NeSiverse from another dimension. Gwenhwyfar arrived, the seeming leader of the Potentials, but instead of attacking Highempress the Potentials victimised the NeS Heroes. It wasn't until later that Gwenhwyfar turned face and joined the NeS Heroes after saving Losien from a Plot-Hole. Since being accepted with the NeS Heroes, Gwenhwyfar continued to judge whether they, especially Losien, was truly worthy of the mantle of 'hero'. In many ways she is everything Losien wishes she could be as Main Character - capable, certain, determined and strong.

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