Harold Haroldson was once the butler for the twin princesses of Hypericum, Ameryl and Imeryn, until Imeryn's greed for power resulted in the exile of Ameryl. Imeryn sent Harold with Ameryl and her supporters as a spy, guiding Ameryl to positions where she was least likely to trouble the rule of Imeryn. Ameryl, however, quickly realised the ruse and, during a stay on Oeurwoud, dismissed him from service.



He is a tall man with a pencil thin moustache[Tales 1].


Harold holds title and rank as important, becoming indignant at the idea of addressing a high-born woman as anything less than 'madam' or 'lady'. He has a grovelling nature, deprecating himself to those of a superior birth. He is overly cautious and protective. However he is also cunning enough to act as a spy and attempt to guide the impressionable Ameryl in her choices, all at the behest of Imeryn - the true queen[Tales 1].


He has a well practised cadence that seeks to be an inoffensive as possible[Tales 1].


The Story of Ameryl

Main article: Tales Post 2 | See also: The Story of Ameryl

Harold Haroldson had served the twin princesses, Ameryl and Imeryn, since they were little girls and continued to do so as they got older and became queens of the Hypericum Empire[Tales 1]. However when Imeryn exiled Ameryl[Pan 1], he went with Ameryl as part of her retinue to the planet Oeurwoud. Ameryl had been experimenting with her new freedoms and had found she could do all of the tasks that Harold did for herself, including making tea or stoking fires. She became frustrated with his presence until she realised that his guidance was all in the name of keeping Ameryl in a position where she couldn't pose a threat to Imeryn's reign as queen. Once realised, Ameryl dismisses him from service and he silently accepted[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium

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Pantheons of the NeSiverse

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