Template:LocationAtlantis has a long and storied history in the NeSiverse, although only tidbits of it have been written here and there.

Two Histories

Atlantis has two distinct histories. One of them is the 'true' history, whereas the other one temporarily became 'real' when the source of Atlantis's glory (its famous banana-crème Oreo knockoffs) was Twice-Forgotten[NeS2 1]. In the second history, it was merely a village of little account[NeS2 2]. This page deals with the true and grander history of Atlantis as the greatest city in human history, a history which was restored[NeS2 3].

I. Founding

Twelve men and their wives were called by the WriterGod to found a great city in his name. These were the Atlantean founders. They employed Britt to ferry them across the Atlantic Ocean to the great island continent of which the WriterGod had told them, and under the invisible protection of High Imp (who was then the paragon High Angel, serving the WriterGod), they successfully arrived, traversing storms and sea serpents to do so, before crashing on the shores of the continent.[NeS2 2]

Atlantis started out as a small village, but when the Atlantean founder Cakemaker Possipher invented banana-crème Oreo knockoffs, Atlantis rapidly grew in size, popularity, and wealth.[NeS2 2][Pan 1]

Magician Luros also imbued a young man, the ancestor of Cool Matty, with a spark from the ultranexus, which formed a seed that would be passed down through the generations[Pan 1] to Cool Matty himself, enabling Cool Matty to create a new ultranexus in the present day[NeS2 4].

II. The Long Ages of Glory

For nearly a million years, Atlantis reigned in glory, ruling the largest, wealthiest, and most advanced kingdom in the history of the world. Its magic and technology far surpassed that of modern-day Earth. Little is known about this period, although at some point, the city council that ruled over the kingdom was replaced by the institution of a monarchy[NeS2 2]. In addition, the Seven Wonders of the Even More Ancient World were constructed during this period[NeS2 5].

III. The Last Generation

The final generation of Atlantis was arguably the greatest, and lived circa 10,000 B.C.

Oberon and the Spacers

This event was technically a single generation before the last one. A fairy prince known as Oberon escaped the enclosed dimension of Albion and came to Atlantis. He married an Atlantean woman who was the descendant of Poet Shadi the Sha'ir (one of the Atlantean founders) and sired several children, including Fay. He, his wife, and all his children save Fay, took several followers from Atlantis on a voyage into space. Their final fate is unknown[Pan 2].

Summoning of the Ancient One

Magistarr led a powerful ritual summoning the 'creator' of their story into the narrative realm (i.e. the NeSiverse), using the Ring of Ultimate Writing Power. This was AncientWriter the Writer, who in the NeSiverse became merely AncientWriter. To prevent confusion among the masses, he took the name Ancient One, as well as commandeering the Ring of Ultimate Writing Power from Magistarr.

Arkng Thand, then known as Adai Theos, was present at this summoning, and quickly grasped the narrative nature of the NeSiverse[NeS2 6].


The Ancient One grew in influence, thanks in no small part to Magistarr's patronage and his own Ring of Ultimate Writing Power, and called a great banquet to found the Illuminohqi, 12 beings of power, descended from the Atlantean founders, with bloodink running through their veins. The Ancient One declared himself to be the first of the Illuminohqi, although he was not a descendant of any Character; he is the uncounted 13th Illuminohq, although there would still be merely 12 lineages, as he later married Fay, another Illuminohq.

The banquet was interrupted by the arrival of the supervillain The First False Evil, who assassinated King Stafford XLI. He was defeated thanks to Fay and Count Desmond, and the Ancient One declared Count Desmond to be the first Hand of the Plot. In addition, he founded the Champions of Atlantis to protect the city and bring prestige to the Illuminohqi.

The young prince ascended to the throne to become King Stafford XLII, the last king of Atlantis[NeS2 7].

In addition, a hobo called JM was highly annoyed by the young war god Ares and swore eternal vengeance[NeS2 8].

Love Triangle

The young king had fallen in love at first sight with Fay at the banquet[NeS2 7], but she did not return his affections. When she grew up, she ended up falling in love with and marrying the Ancient One[NeS2 2], while King Stafford married another woman.

Helebon's Rebellion

Helebon, the first Devil of Earth's hell, rebelled against the WriterGod and invaded Atlantis[NeS2 5]. War broke out, with the Champions of Atlantis leading the defense of the kingdom against the demonic hordes[NeS2 9]. Although Helebon's armies were slowly whittled down, Helebon's personal power was unmatched.

Britt also returned to the city at this time, and joined the Champions of Atlantis in their resistance against Helebon's armies[NeS2 2].

Helebon's four generals[NeS2 10] were captured and bound in a magical prison[NeS2 11][NeS1888 1], as Helebon himself seized the heart of the city, and entered the Grand Temple of the WriterGod to confront the deity. No one saw what happened, but when the Champions of Atlantis entered afterwards, they found Helebon unconscious and drained of most his power[NeS2 2].

With the city safe, Highemperor and High Angel (the two most powerful members of the Champions of Atlantis) left the super-team to continue their adventures elsewhere[NeS2 5]. Britt left shortly thereafter[NeS2 2].

Fall of Atlantis

Less than a year[NeS2 2] after Helebon's invasion was repulsed, an astoundingly large and powerful plot hole appeared beneath Atlantis and swallowed it up in an incredibly destructive cataclysm[NeS2 5]. This destruction ruptured the ultranexus[Pan 2], splitting global magic into multiple nexes, and rendering magic wild and untamed for centuries, in what was known as the First Cataclysm of Magic.

Magistarr and his 12 apprentices tried to save the kingdom, but were unable to. Magistarr stayed behind to keep the ruptured ultranexus of magic from ripping the world apart, while his apprentices escaped. Magistarr was swallowed up by the plot hole as well[Pan 2], where he remained for 12,000 years, becoming the Plot Hole Wizard[NeS2 12].

The Ancient One and Fay escaped to the dreamstate with their infant child[Pan 2]. King Stafford and his family survived on the single speck of island that remained of Atlantis, where the royal line continued unbroken for thousands of years, resulting in the princess Alole[NeS2 5].

Arkng Thand and Count Desmond escaped as well, although it is unknown if they left as the continent was being destroyed, or sometime in the year before, since Helebon's defeat.

IV. The Last Apprentices

After the fall of Atlantis, two of Magistarr's apprentices made their mark on the world. Belshaggath built Stonehenge and founded Doughnutdelf[Pan 2], while Shinzallar founded Ubar[Pan 3].


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