Ireland, otherwise known as "Éire", is the country west of Great Britain. The island upon which Ireland is located shares its island with Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Like Great Britain, Ireland is steeped in magic and is home to many Aes Sidhe. During the 6th Century Ireland was part of Arthur's Realm and was almost sunk to the bottom of the Irish Sea when raising Camelot from beneath Great Britain. Shalott, the Aes Sidhe Witch, worked with out Aes Sidhe of Ireland to reconstruct the island's supports beneath the sea.


Irish Sea

The Irish Sea stands between Great Britain and Ireland. From Mount Snowdon in Wales, Ireland can be seen across the Irish Sea[Pan 1].


Arthur's Realm

Ireland was almost sunk to the bottom of the Irish Sea when Morganna le Fay used the power of Albion to magically raise the ancient, massive space vessel, Camelot, from beneath Great Britain. She, at Stonehenge, rose the ship up and almost destroyed Ireland. Shalott, who was atop Mount Snowdon in Wales, mentally relayed a warning to those at Stonehenge and Morgan changed the trajectory of Camelot. Shalott then used her power as an Aes Sidhe Witch to coordinate many Aes Sidhe of Ireland to save the island from sinking below the waves[Pan 1].


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