Iskendriel is a Peacekeeper for The Imperium where she is tasked with ensuring the safety of The Imperium from extra-dimensional threats of being a Multiversal empire. She is an alimean with a sour temper and generally prefers to work alone but her handler, another version of Iskendriel from an alternate universe, fits her into a unit for her to lead. Iskendriel is not a normal alimean but one of The Scourge, which has turned her skin ashen and she has cracks of red upon her body and around her eyes. She is a Planestrider, allowing her to not only travel through the Multiverse but pull objects from other universes and use them.



Whereas most alimeans, even in alternate universes, have golden skin, Iskendriel does not.


When it comes to doing her job, Iskendriel is dead serious and rarely second-guesses her actions, even when killing her own alternate self. She has a love-hate relationship with her handler, another Iskendriel, who she forcibly calls Isk against her will. Iskendriel can be abrasive and rude and even childish when annoyed[Tales 1].



See also: Planestrider

Iskendriel is a Planestrider, which means she is able to travel across the Multiverse in an instant. When she does so she appears pixelated to viewers and her own vision becomes pixelated too until she fully materialises in the new universe. She is able to pull objects from alternate realities into her own, from speeder bikes to weapons. These extra-reality objects can, however, be forcibly removed by a reality stabiliser of The Peacekeepers technology[Tales 1]. When most people travel through realities they are tearing space-time and forcing the new reality to accept their presence, which is, to a Planestrider, a metaphysically violent way of travelling. Planestriders, however, are smoothly accommodated by reality as though they are meant to be there and that their unexpected presence is nothing strange[Tales 1][Tales 2].



Castle Camelot

See also: Castle Camelot

Castle Camelot was once located on the planet Earth and acted as the centre of government under King Arthur[Pan 1] and later Prince Llacheu[Pan 2]. However it was caught within The Fracture following reality's reconstruction after The Sundering. The Fracture is made up entirely of these fragments of reality that were unable to return to their former places and so Castle Camelot is one floating island within the masses. Like with all these locations, Camelot is trapped in time stasis from the moment it was taken into The Fracture so everything about it remains static, even down to the clothes of Queen Guinevere in Iskendriel's bedroom. Iskendriel chose Camelot as her home due to its proximity to The Fountain of Aletheia, which is from her original homeworld[Tales 1].

The Fountain of Aletheia

See also: The Fountain of Aletheia

The Fountain of Aletheia is a fountain that rests upon a small floating island of its own in The Fracture where it was taken from Iskendriel's homeworld. The fountain's island has been connected to Castle Camelot by blue spiralling staircases that Iskendriel built. Phasing into The Fracture can be dangerous due to its instability so most agents have a safe spot to phase in at, Iskendriel's being the fountain. The water from the fountain flows but when it meets the basin of water it causes no ripples, giving the basin water a mirror-like quality[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium

The Peacekeepers

Main article: The Peacekeepers (Story Arc)

Iskendriel was tasked with the execution of another Iskendriel on the planet Tatooine. This Iskendriel marked the fourth time she had had to kill one of her alternate selves. Because most versions of Iskendriel are Planestriders, killing any Iskendriel can be exceptionally difficult. To do it she had to rely on underhanded tactics and rendered Iskendriel without her powers with a reality stabiliser. After executing the target, Iskendriel returned to The Fracture and spent time in her home, Castle Camelot. She contacted her handler, another version of Iskendriel commonly known as Isk, who announced that she had a new mission for Iskendriel to undertake. Both of them had felt the death of the target Iskendriel because the death of every alternate self transfers some of their essence to the remaining many Iskendriels of the Multiverse. Isk felt bad because the sensation actually feels pleasurable. Iskendriel travelled via the airways of The Fracture to the Heart of Yself which acts as the headquarters for the Peacekeepers. Once in the meeting room Isk informed Iskendriel that she had actually allocated another person as team leader[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium References

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