Iskendriel (Fourth) is dubbed 'fourth' because she was the fourth Iskendriel to be executed by Iskendriel of the Peacekeepers. She was a Planestrider, capable of jumping between realities, and was on the run from The Imperium. After a chase across the deserts of Tatooine, where she evaded Mech Warriors, she was suddenly ensnared by a reality stabiliser planted by Iskendriel as a trap. Without debate, Iskendriel then executed Iskendriel (fourth) without mercy. Iskendriel (fourth) has a typical appearance for an alimean with her golden skin.



She has golden skin, which is typical for an alimean. She can pull objects and clothing from the Multiverse with her powers. She was last wearing goggles to protect her eyes from the sandstorm of Tatooine before she then wore powered armour, complete with jet pack[Tales 1].


Phase Rifle

She has a phase rifle, which means it fires a ball of energy that phases in and out of reality, adding to its mass, momentum and power as it goes. Armour that is designed to withstand phasing, such as Peacekeeper mechs, will be able to withstand such phase weapons more easily[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium

The Peacekeepers

Main article: Tales Post 9 | See also: The Peacekeepers (Story Arc)

This version of Iskendriel, a Planestriding alimean, jumped into the NeSiverse and fled across the deserts of the planet Tatooine as she tried to escape Peacekeeper mechs. She managed to use powered armour and a speeder bike that she phased into reality to make her getaway to the town of Mos Eisley but there she was ambushed by a reality stabiliser set by her alternate self, Iskendriel of the Peacekeepers. This Iskendriel showed zero mercy and executed the, now naked and vulnerable after being stripped of all objects and clothes from other realities, woman on the spot. Iskendriel covered the body with her coat to grant her some dignity in death and the body was to be cleaned up by a Peacekeeper cleaning crew. This Iskendriel was the fourth Iskendriel to be killed by the Peacekeeper[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium References

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