Template:Character Born during the 10th Century, Krig the Viking was frozen in ice until he was eventually thawed and released upon the modern world. Krig is a short, stout and hairy man that many have compared to fantasy dwarves and like those dwraves Krig wields a very big axe. Despite being a brute and barely capable of forming a complete sentence, Krig is also famous for being a Lawyer and is often called upon to save the Heroes of the Never-ending Story from Legal Doom. Krig is often used by the Writers of the NeS for comedic effect, particularly utilising Krig's insatiable appetite and willingness to eat anything he sees. Krig is not the only Vikinger to thaw out in the 21st Century as severalf of his friends also appeared in the United States of America on a Viking raid. Unfortunately most of them died during the Battle Over London. Yet being largely used for comedy relief, Krig also demonstrates that he is a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to battle and is capable of dishing out maximum carnage as well as take a great deal of damage that would otherwise render another human dead. He is also incredibly loyal - yet he is also easily manipulated and feelings of loyalty can be warped into feelings of betrayal. Krig's full name is Krig Krogson the Viking, Krogson referring to his father, Krog, who was killed and waited for Krig's arrival in Valhalla






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