Magic is the art of turning aether into substance. Some forms of magic do deviate from this general mechanic, some magic forming from within a person or by some alternative means. Aether emanates from the Cosmic Nexus, each node of that nexus being its very own, unique nexus - such as Earth's Nexus. Magic allows users to perform many incredible, or minor, special feats.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

See also: The Fight of the Century of the Week

Space Orca, a man already proficient in soul-channelling, also learnt magic from Merlin. He uses magic to cause a creature to relocate, levitate and even explode[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story1 References

  1. NeS1 Post 34, NeS1 Page 1, The Fight of the Century of the Week, Never-ending Story1 written by Space Orca the Writer.

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