Mega Jonestown Prime is a gigantic domed city in space, founded by Imeryn and ruled by the God-Monarchs. It vanished mysteriously millions of years ago.



Near the dawn of time[HFO 1] (assumed to be circa 13 Billion B.C.), the city is founded by Imeryn[Pan 1]. Shortly thereafter, the other members of the pantheon join her there, building the city together.


Once the city was built, the God-Monarchs chose thousands of entities to uplift to their nobility and be gifted with omnipotence[Pan 2]


Millions of years ago[HFO 2], Highemperor attacked the God-Monarchs, before retreating. The next day, Mega Jonestown Prime completely vanished from space and time.

The Cosmic Customs House sprang up in its place, to server as the central junction for NeSiversal travel from extra-universal visitors.


Mega Jonestown Prime is very large, and is on a gigantic metal platform encased by a dome to hold in atmosphere[HFO 1]. Before its disappearance, it orbited the bright center of the NeSiverse[Pan 2], where Kronos is imprisoned[Pan 3][Pan 4]. It is constructed mostly of crystal and marble spires[Pan 2]/

Mount Tall

In the center of the city is a large mountain that reaches almost to the top of the dome[HFO 1]. It is named Mount Tall[Pan 2]. In its bowels are carved the great vaults where the God-Monarchs hoard their greatest weapons, technologies, and treasures[HFO 1].

Atop the peak is the great palace of the God-Monarchs themselves. Its ground floor contains the public audience chamber, complete with 13 thrones[Pan 2].

The Sacred Flame

Beneath the ground is the Sacred Flame, the power source of the city. It is the collected essence of the titans[Pan 2], who were captured by the God-Monarchs at the dawn of time[Pan 3].

Noble District

One of the finest parts of the city, where the thousands of baron-deities and their families reside. The Big O's estate was here[Pan 2].

Magic District

Just outside the noble district, this area contains the headquarters of the 99 orders of demigod super-mages. This includes the White Order (in a majestic edifice of pure white stone), the Order of 17 (in a complex of seventeen squat towers), and the Order of Bread Butter Side Up (in a glorified granary)[Pan 2].



The God-Monarchs dwell in the city they rule.


The nobility of the city are all omnipotent, uplifted by the God-Monarchs according to their whims. The Big O was one of them before the city's disappearance. The title-holders number in the thousands, although the nobility is far larger than that once you count their families[Pan 2].

Demigod Super-Mages

These powerful magical beings are the primary component of the city's population, and typically identify with one of the city's 99 mystic orders. Fladnag the White was one before the city's disappearance[Pan 2].


PUDDAFs (or Phoenix-Unicorn-Dragon-Demon-Angel-Fairies) are Imeryn's elite magical creatures, and are garrisoned in the city[Pan 1].


Although an entire nation of Derkesthai exists beyond the city in the present day[HFO 3][HFO 4], they originated in Mega Jonestown Prime[Pan 5] and it is likely that some still remain in the vanished space city.


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