Merlin was once the "chosen one" of magic, considered the leader of the arts. However he was tricked by Nyneve, trapped within Doughnutdelf under Stonehenge and she took his place. He died there and became a ghost, haunting his own tomb. During this time he taught Space Orca but would later be released from his prison when a The Latter-Day Greys destroyed the seal imprisoning him, along with nodes of Earth's magic nexus all over the world. He then decided to train Cool Matty who has been destined to be the next chosen one. He also had to help save Albion, a world of magic connected to Earth and its failing nexus.



Merlin has long, grey hair that reaches to the middle of his back and a long beard that extends to his breastbone. He wears a navy blue, pointed hat and flowing robes that are adorned with silver sigils[Pan 1].


Famous even during his own time, Merlin became irritated with the constant attention and tourists. As an old man with three contentious and wilful female pupils, Merlin learnt to ignore quarrelling around him and act as though it wasn't happening[Pan 1].



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Merlin once lived freely within the city of Doughnutdelf, hidden beneath Stonehenge in Britannia. There he lived with druids and mages who sought learning. In the cavernous city were smaller caves, one of which was his very own accommodation. It was located high off the ground, making it inaccessible to most people that were unable to fly (or otherwise) up to it. He had many experiments and apparatus within the room. However when Nyneve the NeSferatu betrayed him, she imprisoned him within Doughnutdelf and her NeSferatu followers destroyed much of the city - leaving it in ruins and Merlin alone there. He eventually died and became a ghost, forever haunting the ancient, forgotten city[Pan 1].

Powers & Talents


As a wizard, Merlin has power over magic. He was once also the NeSorcerer, gifted with the NeSpell, before he passed on that mantle. One of the spells he knew was the power of flight, allowing him to reach his own abode within Doughnutdelf[Pan 1].





Prior to the beginning of the Never-ending Story1, Merlin taught Space Orca, a man who was already somewhat proficient at soul-channelling[NeS1 1].

Pantheons of the NeSiverse

Space Camelot

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In 501AD Merlin had already aided King Arthur in his rise to dominance over Great Britain and Ireland. He had taken on three female students and intended to pass on his mantle of NeSorcerer onto one of them. Of his three students, Lynne, Morganna le Fay and Nyneve, he formed a relationship with Nyneve and this relationship may have swayed his desire to reward her as his chosen successor. Unfortunately the moment she gained the power she betrayed her lover and mentor. She cast a spell to trap him within Doughnutdelf and allowed her NeSferatu minions to slay the mages and druids of the underground city. She left him there, alone, to die[Pan 1].

Sometime before Merlin was trapped under Stonehenge, he and Arthur discovered the dormant space vessel later named Camelot. He then judged that it could be used if only it could be raised from deep beneath the earth. While still entombed he was able to offer advice to Arthur and suggested that Morganna le Fay holds the most raw magical energy of the two human mages under Arthur's employ and so she could raise Camelot if she sacrifices her own magical home of Avalon for energy[Pan 2].


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