Merlin the Writer
Darkside vs ares
DarkSide, Character of MerlinTW, attacks Ares.
First Appearance NeS1 Post 1, NeS1 Page 1
Story Arcs The Fight of the Century of the Week
Characters DarkSide

Merlin the Writer joined Never-ending Story1 in the first ever compilation post; NeS1 Post 1 in which he introduced DarkSide as an antagonist. Because MerlinTW requested that other Writers not kill his Character in an instant, Galvatron the Writer responded by doing just that - Galvatron kicked DarkSide into lava. Then Ares the Writer declared that the thread wasn't open to new characters, negated the post and ignored DarkSide's introduction. Only later would AresTW concede and DarkSide was reintroduced as a major antagonist, but MerlinTW never returned. DarkSide is now one of the longest running and most frequently used arch-villains in the NeS.

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