Template:CharacterMerlin the Younger was the adopted name of the human mage "Lynne" who was a student of Merlin the Elder. She adopted his name to continue his legacy after he was entombed within Doughnutdelf by her fellow pupil of Merlin the Elder, Nyneve. Merlin, the Younger, went on to serve King Arthur along with her other fellow student, Morganna le Fay, with whom she has a constant rivalry. Merlin is often the source of knowledge and rationalism amongst Arthur's entourage as she has an incredibly logical brain and methodology.



Merlin shaves her hair very close to her head[Pan 1]. She could be considered pretty, except by those who prefer women with hair. She wears a plain, simple, brown robe[Pan 2].


Merlin considers herself to be good and virtuous and often endeavours to be what Morganna le Fay is not. This includes her resentment of Morgan's prior incestuous relationship with her own half-brother, King Arthur. Merlin's bitter rivalry with Morgan may force Merlin to speak words she is embarrassed to utter later. Morgan considers Merlin to be a prude because she is a virgin and will savagely insult her, while Merlin is only able to come up with the most flimsy of insults that, to Merlin, are even then too harsh and she will regret speaking them[Pan 1]. She is highly studious and intelligent. She is also very humble and self-depricating, deeming herself unworthy despite her accomplishments. Yet she also believes her virtues are likely to be rewarded though she refrains from disappointment when they are not[Pan 2].

Powers & Talents


Using magic Merlin is able to perform many things. Though Merlin is generally very bookish, rather than holding raw power[Pan 2], she had developed many powerful spells that she is able to perform with a mere snap of the fingers. Merlin's system of magic is considered 'clean', a suggestion to the aether of what it ought to be doing rather than dominance over it[Pan 3].

Weather Control

Merlin is able to snap her finger and manipulate the weather to suit her needs. When she does so, it is almost as though the weather fears her[Pan 3].


Using magic Merlin can fly[Pan 2].






Space Camelot

See also: Space Camelot

Early Life



Main article: Pan Post 36

Lynne was born in Wales and, therefore, spoke Welsh. When she met Merlin, he taught her English (even though English wouldn't have existed at that time)[Pan 3]. By the year 501 A.D., Lynne, as she was then known, was already an apprentice of the great NeSorcerer Merlin. She looks up to Merlin as the ideal role model and example to everyone, despite his affection for her fellow apprentice Nyneve. Morganna le Fay, the half-sister to King Arthur, often teased Lynne about her infatuation. Of the three students Merlin ultimately chose to make Nyneve his successor as NeSorcerer and passed on the NeSpell to her. However she quickly betrayed him, trapped him in Doughnutdelf and had her NeSferatu slay the mages within the city. One year later Lynne, now calling herself "Merlin the Younger", met with some of the few remaining mages to discuss creating a new school of magic. Morganna suggested a location in Gaul with strong leylines and Merlin left with both Taliesin and Hermes Trismegistus to create and, for a time, teach at the school[Pan 2].

Raising Camelot

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As one of Arthur's head advisers, Merlin was invited to a private meeting that the king held in his old home of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, Dumnonia. Morgan is annoyed that she has to attend the meeting and deliberately provokes Merlin into arguments. Ultimately King Arthur reveals his plan to raise a mysterious spaceship from beneath Great Britain so that he can use it to conquer the stars[Pan 1]. Merlin is sent to Mount Snowdon with Sir Kay, Sir Bedivere and the Aes Sidhe witch Shalott to watch for the rising spaceship, Camelot, from the Irish Sea. Instead of coming up in the sea, however, it comes up from beneath Ireland itself and threatens to send the entire island into the depths. Shalott calls upon other Aes Sidhe to aid her in saving the land and balancing the whole island again while Kay and Bedivere are attacked by the Afanc. A mental communiqué to Vivane at Stonehenge informs Morganna, who is rising the ship, to move it slightly to the left and avoid destroying all of Ireland[Pan 3].


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