Morganna le Fay was a human pagan mage who was highly attuned to the land and to aether. She was the half-sister of King Arthur by whom she had a son, Prince Mordred, and forever held Arthur in her affection despite her sour temperament towards him. She held a negative view of everyone and had a specific rivalry with Merlin the Younger, with whom she was a student under Merlin the Elder. She constructed her own island home, Avalon, from magic itself but she sacrificed it to help her brother succeed in his dreams of space travel where she joined him aboard Camelot to venture through the Sol System.



Morganna le Fay is short, shorter than Merlin the Younger[Pan 1].


Morgan is short-tempered with everyone and she can be cruel for cruelty's sake. She has a keen rivalry with Merlin the Younger, brought on because of their mutual positions under the same mentor. Morgan will deliberately provoke Merlin verbally to get a reaction out of her. She can be incredibly blunt in her words and while capable of political phrasing, she chooses not to beat around the bush. Although officially a part of her brother's kingdom, Morgan often refuses to aid in the kingdom's designs. This may be a result of her spurned affections for her half-brother, Arthur, with whom she once had an incestuous relationship that he now rejects. Despite others' views of this relationship, Morgan sees no fault in it and still longs, and even demands or encourages, a renewal of that relationship. She openly admits that she finds her brother very attractive but also states that he's stupid. Morgan manages to pull off a superiority over others and a commanding presence in any room, despite her short stature[Pan 1]. Her bluntness extended even to her mentor, which most, save Merlin the Elder himself, considered very rude.[Pan 2]. Because her brother has chosen to remain faithful to Guinevere, Morganna seeks rivalry with the woman and tries to cause jealousy in her but is often faced with Guinevere's stoic nature. She doesn't like to show vulnerability or weakness[Pan 3]. She is very independent and will not hesitate to do anything she likes, regardless of etiquette. If she gets bored she will simply leave and tend to her own interests[Pan 4].


Morgan has a deep, often patronising, voice and laugh that is also highly sensual[Pan 1].

Powers & Talents


Morgan is well attuned to the land and to aether, allowing her to draw on vast reservoirs of magic. Though she doesn't have the refined, logical skills of Merlin the Younger, she is capable of grandiose feats of prowess, including the creation of her home that she named Avalon - an entire island constructed of magic[Pan 1]. Using magic Morgan can fly[Pan 2].

Rising Spell

The spell used to raise Camelot from beneath the land of Great Britain required not only Morganna herself but aid from the magical being named Vivane. This spell requires a massive amount of magical energy, which Vivane was able to channel from her home-realm of Albion, through The Rift and into Morgan. With this much magical energy being pumped into her, Morgan was able to lift Camelot - the equivalent of raising the entire land of Britain[Pan 3].





Early Life

Morganna le Fay is the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon and, therefore, half-brother to King Arthur. They grew up together and entered into an incestuous relationship that begat them a son named Mordred. Unfortunately Arthur regarded this as a childhood endeavour and moved on, while Morgan remains fixated on her love for Arthur[Pan 1]. She became a student of Merlin the Enchanter, alongside another girl named Lynne and a NeSferatu named Nyneve. Merlin chose Nyneve to be his successor as NeSorcerer, though Morganna criticised this choice as he was in a romantic relationship with Nyneve. Ultimately Nyneve got the position and all the power it bestows only to then instantly betray Merlin and wipe out the mages within Doughnutdelf. One year later some of the few remaining mages, including Morganna, gathered to discuss creating a new school for magic. She refused to allow them to build one on her island home, Avalon, and instead told them of a crossed leyline strong in magic in Gaul which is where they went, with the help of Lynne (now naming herself Merlin the Younger) while Morganna refused to aid them further[Pan 2].

Space Camelot

See also: Space Camelot

Raising Camelot

Morgan is invited to attend a meeting of close friends and family of King Arthur at Tintagel Castle. She doesn't appreciate being summoned for matters of state as she refuses to cooperate on matters of the kingdom. Merlin the Younger chastises Morgan and brings up the topic of her incestuous affair with her brother, only for Morgan to berate Merlin in return and own her love and attraction of her brother despite his lack of interest. Arthur informs them that he and Merlin the Elder discovered a massive spaceship buried beneath Great Britain and that the only way to raise it would be to use a massive surge of magic. The only well of magic that could be absorbed and used all at once was the magical island of Avalon that Arthur wants Morgan to sacrifice. She refuses unless Arthur sleeps with her again but he ultimately denies her and then Queen Guinevere walks in. She states that she understands Morgan's desire and doesn't blame her but Merlin manages to goad Morgan into agreement, but only under the condition she, and her son, are allowed to board the ship. Guinevere quickly agrees and states that Mordred could be given his own colonial kingdom, when Morgan realises she's been played by Guinevere and storms out to go and kill kittens[Pan 1]. Morganna has a nightmare wherein she destroyed Avalon as asked but Arthur revealed that it had been an unnecessary act[Pan 5]. Because of this terrible dream Morganna refused to arrive for the first summons on the issue, thinking it was a trick. When she did show, she was met at Stonehenge along with Vivane, otherwise known as The Lady of the Lake. Vivane would help Morgan with raising Camelot from beneath the land. She channelled powerful magical currents from the magical realm of Albion, through The Rift, and into Morgan. Morgan was then able to act as a conduit and take possession of the ship buried deep down. After almost destroying Ireland in the raising of the ship, it was finally airborne[Pan 3]. Many people of Arthurian Britain joined their king on his quest to found Space Britain and most of them were in the Conservatory of Camelot, including Morganna, as the ship ascended into space and passed the moon[Pan 6].


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When Camelot came to the planet Mars, they were met by the Jupiterian Fleet under the leadership of Chancellor Ctatherine. They were interested in Camelot because they had found an identical ship orbiting Mars and they arranged to have their Admiral Ltexi temporarily join the Camelot Crew to study the ship for comparison to their own ship, named The Hopeful[Pan 7]. Ltexi bonded with Merlin, teaching the young magician to better work around the ship. Ltexi also introduced the humans to the X-Kryptons of Saturn and so Morgan went down to the planet to begin a diplomatic exchange with their Custodians. Soon, however, Morgan got bored and left the group to continue negotiations without her. While she was away a group of Krypton raiders attacked the X-Krypton City and Gamma Pans, one of the Custodians, identified them as G-Kryptons and declared war against the G-Krypton City[Pan 4]. Sir Lancelot managed to convince King Arthur to join the war alongside the X-Krypton as betrayal is a grave offence to the Knights of the Round Table. The Faerie Knight brought up the topic of the Lightning Amulet of Gamma Pans and Morganna le Fay was convinced that magic so far from Earth is murky at best. She wanted to bombard the planet from orbit but Sir Bedivere wanted to preserve the technology for study so hand-to-hand combat was necessary[Pan 8].


Britt's Commentary

"Morganna le Fay is based on the Morganna le Fay[Ext 1] character from the original Arthurian Legends[Ext 2]. Her original character wildly varies between stories and eras but she is most often an antagonist to the knights of the round table. In Space Camelot I decided to make her more of an anti-hero, sometimes working with the knights to achieve a positive outcome but never for the sake of doing good. Like the original, Morgan is obsessed with Arthur and, as with some stories, she had an incestuous affair that resulted in Mordred[Ext 3]. I gave her a sympathetic side that is seen through the eyes of very few characters, in particular Sir Caelia who lived on Avalon and we get a sense of loneliness to her." ~ Britt the Writer


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