Mr Slick is a villain of the NeS who resembles a comic book character.



Mr Slick wears a mask to cover his eyes that has two horns either side to create the illusion of constantly frowning eyebrows. His eyes appear as black slits in the mask, except when it is dark they begin to glow red. He has black spiked hair. Below the mask, his jaw is visible and his mouth is normally curled into a sinister smile. This smile is compared to that of Mr Sinister[Ext 1]. Where he should have his right hand there is a claw, which is described as being similar to that of Fulgore[Ext 2]. His other hand has his special glove, which changes its shape[NeS1 1].





Main article: Oliver

Mr Slick has a nerd sidekick named Oliver for tech-based shenanigans[NeS1 1].


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