NeS1 Post 110 has Ares' Clone reading out a huge roll call of names of all Characters supposed to be in the Story.


*Meanwhile, in the bleachers, Ares' clone reads off the ridiculously gargantuan roll call of everyone in the story. It wasn't helping that his monotone voice had put nearly everyone to sleep.*

Ares' clone: (sounding all too much like Ben Stein[Ext 1])" ...Ping_Me? Ping_Me.."

Ping_Me: "Present...zz.."

clone: "...Ping-....Rob X...Rob X...Rob X.."

Rob X: "Not here"

clone: "Rob...Bullier....Builler....has anyone seen Ferris Builler[Ext 2]?"

*All that was heard was the occasional chirp of a cricket.*


Etxernal References

  1. Ben Stein article, Wikipedia.
  2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off article, Wikipedia.

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