In NeS1 Post 112, Semievil is annoyed that nobody noticed his arrival and he plants explosives on several strategically placed hulks of Rabbit Walkers, blowing them up. He then replaces Ares' Clone's roll call list with a dictionary and finally he starts making rude gestures at the other combatants.


Having finished his survey of the arena Sem pulls himself out, streaching at all his joints, and pulling the skin tight over his skeleton at the arms, which is rather heavy-set and impressive, however the musculature leaves something to be desired.....

Muttering on how rude the combatants are not to notice the new arrival, he procedes to gather up the max-head explosives, and place them strategically on the scorched bunny hulks, that Miss Fire was so courtious to just leave lieing around.

After having cleared the vaguely bunny shaped shrapnel that the explosions left he steps up to the clone of Ares and replaces the roll-call list with Webster's New American Dictionary[Ext 1], so that he will not run low on reading material. Drawing his lightsaber he dons a black cape, and begins to make rude gestures at the combatants, hoping to draw one of them to notice his presence.


External References

  1. Webster's Dictionary article, Wikipedia.

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