NeS1 Post 120 is the introduction of The Otter, who arrives in the arena in his car fitted with rocket boosters. When he gets out of the car, wearing his signature outfit, he realises, with rage, that he's locked his keys inside the car.


*hearing there was a fight somewhere involving some of his friends TheOtter decided to check it out, as he steps outside of his souped-up 1974 Volkswagen Beetle[Ext 1] w/Saturn V rocket[Ext 2] boosters. he gets out, he is wearing black jeans, 'rage' t-shirt, black trenchcoat, combat boots, black bowler, and a mysterious black medic's bag slung over his shoulder. breathing in the pure human anger effervessing in the air, he thinks......."where are my keys?"

TheOtter: "son of a *****!"


External References

  1. Volkswagen Beetle article, Wikipedia.
  2. Saturn V article, Wikipedia.

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