In NeS1 Post 148 Semievil gathers up the remains of Sundeep, who died in NeS1 Post 146, and Justyn the Thread Killer, who died in NeS1 Post 148, and cremates them with a stormtrooper rifle. After he builds a memorial to Justyn he takes Justyn's halberd and heads off to use it against Gebohq.


Sem, gathers the mutalated remains of the 7-11 guy and justyn, and cremates them with a stormtrooper rifle. He then builds a memorial to the thread killer, sprinkling the ashes on it, and crowns it with a lone yellow ducky.

Then he picks up the halberd, which has been modified by it's time in the arena to a light-halberd, and heads off to finish his duel with Gebohq.

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