NeS1 Post 152 has the introduction of ST Clan Leader, who falls into the rabbit guts left by the carnage of Semievil in NeS1 Post 151. Looking around at the craziness of the arena he sees Sam coming at him with a duckie-club.


*ST_Clan_Leader appears in mid air, in fact a little high and falls 6' in to a pile of rabbit guts*

"Hey i thought this was the Main Editing Forum!" *notices the stuff he fell in* "Man too bad about the dog" He looks around, He's in what looks like an old volcano with lava around it and the remains of Rubber duckies, dead Massassians, Rabbit walkers, and a 7-11 that has bee n Slightly destroyed. "hmm. looks like sombody has an overactive imagination" just then he he sees Sam[Ext 1] coming his way with a duckie club. "or is this a bad Dr. WHO[Ext 2] episode?"


External References

  1. Sam & Max article, Wikipedia.
  2. Doctor Who article, Wikipedia.

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