In NeS1 Post 176, the cloud of incense and drug smoke from NeS1 Post 174, is so thick that Semievil must duct tape his own mouth and nose shut. He then attacks Raistlin Majere again, still seeking vengeance for the 'pithy skeleton' remark, but Raistlin retreats. Semievil ventures back to the Officials' Board where he gets himself a new weapon, this time an iron war maul, and goes in search of Raistlin once again.


Noticing the thick cloud of smoke has expanded to fill a rediculous area, Sem takes a deep breath and Duct-tapes(yes Duct-tape IS a proper noun)his mouth and nose shut. Gathering himself together, and examining the damage to his arms, he surveys the new scene.

Then he spots Raistlin[Ext 1] again. Emmitting a low rumble(for it is difficult to roar with a Duct-taped mouth) he rushes Raistlin again. This time Raistlin is not to be caught unprepared for the assault however, and sem is neatly parried away. Sem however is not to be so easily denied vengence for being reffered to as a mere "pithy skeleton", and seeing this to be so Raistlin makes a wise retreat away from the high-speed love beads that maybe is throwing around, not to mention the heavy cloud of happy air, so as not to be distracted during combat.....

Sem meanwhile goes out of his frenzy just long enough to arm himselfan extensive process involving the destruction of the officials table, and the eventual granting to sem of an iron war maul.)This much accomplished, he works himself back into a frenzy, and goes off to hun.... err find the offensive Raistlin...


External References

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