In NeS1 Post 179 MaybeChild is surprised to find Raistlin Majere free after she remembers him being tied up but quickly decides, instead, to start a betting pool on the fight between Raistlin and Semievil.


Maybe, having watched the entire scene wondering just how BAD that brown acid must have been cos she could have SWORN that Raistlin[Ext 1] was still tied up w/ love beads and daisy chains, decides that it's time to make a little money off of this fight that's going on. She starts a betting pool, putting money herself on Sem. Meanwhile, Sem and Raistlin are facing off, neither one willing to give the other any quarter. Out of the blue, The Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner's The Ring[Ext 2] of the Niebelung[Ext 3] (sp?) starts playing...


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