In NeS1 Post 192 The Otter and his Indigo Girls are in The Crow's Nest when the janitor, who formerly owned the the room, shows up. Otter tricks the old man into looking down into the bathroom by suggesting that children are stealing the urinal cakes. As the man turns, Otter whips out his huskarl and murders the old man. He then, emotionlessly, informs his Indigo Girls that they have to return a movie to the shop.


*As Otter and his 'bunnies' stare from their penthouse view, all the Indigo Girls are all around Otter and dressed up like Playboy bunnies[Ext 1]*

Otter(to arena floor and clapping):"Good show men! Good show!"

¤Bunnies also giggle and laugh¤

*Suddenly the door opens and an old creepy looking man walks in*

Old Man:"What are all of ya' kids doing up here?"(while shaking his mop and bucket @ them)

Otter:"Ohh...right, you must be the janitorstarts to instictively to pull out sword)Hey are those kids over there stealing the urinal cakes?"

Old Man:"¤gasp¤ wher--

*but before he could finish his sentence Otter had pulled out his Huskarl sword swung it over his head, and sliced it through the old man's collar bone all the way down to his hip bone. after the swing the old man just collapsed onto the bathroom into 2 disheveled pieces, as Otter watched his blood trickle down towards the drain, he remembered...*

Otter(in happy go lucky voice):"Almost forgot! We have to return 'Psycho[Ext 2]' my midnite tonight!"

Bunnies(whilest tossing their hair):"Oh yeah..."


External References

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  2. Psycho (1960) article, Wikipedia.

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