In NeS1 Post 199 Semievil333 the Writer, in the Writers' Realm, escapes from the hospital using bedsheets and undead walks through the streets towards a vending machine, intent on getting himself some Coke. When he gets there, however, he finds that he's got no money. Back at the Massassi Temple Offices, Gebohq the Writer is annoyed by a cold caller before he adds the finishing touches to what he thinks is his greatest post to date.


*Sem the story-writer's eyes dart about, searching for the elusive source of caffine his body desperately needed. Once he looked out the window, his eyes widened in glee as he saw across the street at a gas station, a coke[Ext 1] machine. He took the bedsheets, tied them together to form rope, and threw one end out the window. He then began to walk out the window when he realizes he forgot to tie the other end. Sem fell down the 50 stories in a Prince of Persia[Ext 2] like fashion.*


*After the dust settled, Sem got back onto his feet and, like an undead warrior, walked with arms outstretched towards the glowing soda machine. As he walked into the street grunting, cars swerved and crashed into things much more explosive then they should have been. Finally, he reached the soda machine and, not being able to wait one moment longer, pushed the Coke button with all his might. The only response he recieved was a blinking "75 cents needed" on the dispenser. Reaching in his pocket, he found that he had only some lint and a shirt button.*

*There would be hell to pay.*

*Meanwhile, within the Massassi Temple, the bad writers continued to labor over the Neverending Story Thread. As Gebohq typed up his latest post, his phone rang, and he picked it up. The voice on hte other end spoke with a female tone that tried being all too nice.*

voice: Yes, is there a Mr. Ge...Geboo..Gebohque here?

Geb the writer: He will be when you stop calling.

*Before she could say anything else, Geb proptly hung up. He continued to write his greatest post yet! long as it had Morris the cat in it anyways...*


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