In NeS1 Post 201 Semievil333 the Writer is convinced he must be high on drugs after being so eager to drink Dr Pepper in NeS1 Post 200. Suffering from caffeine withdrawal, he gets a plastic bat from the local petrol station and attacks a vending machine. He rejects the Diet Coke and Pepsi until he finally gets his hands on two bottles of Coca-Cola, which he hooks up to an intravenous drip to pump into his system.


Sem slowly wanders away from the intersection, muttering about how drugged up he must have been. (Dr.Pepper[Ext 1] is NOT a viable caffine scource)

Returning to the vending machine, just as the adrenaline starts to pump wildly from withdrawl, he goes around back and carefully unplugs it. Then he walks into the gas station and "haggles" for a cheap plastic bat, which he proceeds to drive straight into the macine, impaling it, and causing it to emit a powerful burst of soda, like blood gushing from a carbonated blood vessel.

Sem: "ewwww..... diet[Ext 2]"

Sem tries again a little to the left of the subsiding diet fountain.

Sem: "EEEEK!!! Pepsi[Ext 3]!!!"

Sem is forced to back off until the stream dies compleately, lest he incur severe burns. When it does he tries to the right of the diet hole.

Sem: "ahhh.... coke....."

At this point, though it makes little diffrence to Sem, there is nothing left of the little plasic bat.

Sem reaches in and takes 2 bottles that fell down from just above the broken ones, hooks them into an I.V. and walks with it back to the story board office.


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