In NeS1 Post 204 The Otter and Gebohq are back in The Crow's Nest when they hear shouting from outside. They look out to see MaybeChild chasing after a anthropomorphic mushroom that has escaped from her jar of kombucha tea. The mushroom pees kombucha onto her gear and she hurries after it more angry than ever.


Meanwhile, in whatever MaybeChild suddenly decided to write, The Otter and Geb are back in the Crow's Nest when they hear a commotion outside.

Maybe: Get back here! D*** it, I'll get you, you little glob of...

Otter: Maybe! What are you DOING?!?!? It looks like you're chasing a mushroom!

Maybe: I AM chasing a mushroom! It got out of my jar of kombucha[Ext 1] tea and now it's running around wreaking havoc!

Geb: Did you say "kombucha"? What's that?

Maybe: You don't wanna know... HEY!!! *MaybeChild screams in frustration as she watches her gear get soaked in kombucha pee. The kombucha scampers away giggling* That's IT, from now on I'm sticking to Tazo[Ext 2]...


External References

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  2. Tazo article, Wikipedia.

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