NeS1 Post 217 Morris the Cat cuts the bonds that have tied the Narrator to Gonk2m4 since NeS1 Post 161 and finally freed him. The Narrator had then turned into Ares' Clone and Semievil ran over to his old friend. Bernard the cyber-pidgeon was sat upon the clone's shoulder and Semievil handed Ares' Clone the rubber-ducky that was attached to Bernard. The lights of the arena went dim and an orchestra played as Ares' Clone began a powerful rubber ducky ballad.


noticing that morris' giant claws have ripped through the leather bonds sem borrowed from the otter's closet to tie down the narrator. He is about to slip away, hopefully unnoticed, when suddenly the narrator bellows out in a familiar sing-song voice:

".....Oh! what a beautiful day! I've got a wonderful feeling; everything's going my way!" yes that's right! the narrator had become Ares' Clone! Rushing up to greet the old friend who helped bring him into the story sem notices Bernard the cyber-pidgeon, still with rubber-duck attachment, sitting on Ares' Clone's shoulder.

Removing the duck, sem gives it to the Clone.

Suddenly the arena lights darken. Sounds of violins warming up in the orchestra are heard. And in a magnificent voice, rivaling that of Joshua's men for power, and easily outpacing any voice for quality......

Ares' Clone: "Rubber duckie, your the one; you make bathtime so much fun!......"

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