NeS1 Post 48 continues Arbiter's struggle with the undead from NeS1 Post 44 when ninety-nine missiles strike the ceiling of Ares' Colosseum and brings down rocks upon everyone. Arbiter, however, projects a shield to defend everyone and block the rocks from hurting people.


those are heat seeking, napalm loaded, RPG's. They track, then burn what they hit.

The only design flaw with them is when the first one explodes, all the others loose sight of their targets and aim themselves towards the burning explosion.

*Points up towards the ceiling*

Like that

The 99 other RPG's all slam into the domed ceiling, causing a massive explosion that rocks the building. Ceiling tiles and burning napalm fall towards the spectators watching the fight below. Arbiter waves his hand, and a force field comes up between the napalm and the bleachers. The ceiling tiles smash themselves onto the force field with a thunderous noise, permently damaging the ears of everone in the room. Arbiter gets an annoyed look on his face and looks at the decipated undead soldiers.

Arbiter: "I said DON'T TRY ANYTHING!"

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