In NeS1 Post 73 Rob X cut off Gebohq's head, blaming Gebohq for the corny lines that Gebohq the Writer made him say. In NeS1 Post 74 Ares demands that Rob X return Gebohq's head to his body because his pay-per-view ratings are plummeting without Gebohq. Gebohq explains that it's not his fault that the scriptwriter made Rob X say the dumb lines. Rob X asks for someone to remove his ex-girlfriend, which is done.


*Rob was about to sit back down at the bleachers when Ares pops up right in front of him!*

Ares: "How dare you do that! Now the pay-per-view ratings are plummiting with no fighting going on!"

Rob: "Sheesh, don't get so uptight about it!"

Ares: "Put Geb's head back on his body right now!"

Rob: "Fine fine...*muttering* hope Ares keels over dead."


Rob: "Err....Hope Ares gets some head?"

Ares: "I sure hope so..."

*Rob proceeds to place Geb's head back on with a plugging sound. Gebohq then rubs his neck to get the cinks out of it.*

Geb: "Never thought I'd live through a decapitation...and why the hell did you do that Rob? Its not my fault that the scriptwriter for you has the same name as me..."

non-corperal voice: "He's right. Sorry about the one liners...I had writer's block."

*Rob X then waves his fist up in the air as if to warn that he'll do worse if that happened again.*

Ares: "Now apologize to Gebohq and the viewers watching."

Rob: (grumble)"yeah yeah....sorry y'all. But could someone PLEASE get rid of my ex?"

different non-corperal voice: "Sure thing."

*And then the huge eraser came down on Rob's ex-girlfriend and rubbed her out of existance*

Rob: "Thanks a million. Now let's get it on!"

Miss Fire: "Yeah, when do i get to kick someone's butt?"

Morris the Cat: "Am I the only one perplexed here?"

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