In NeS1 Post 77 Rob X the Character is standing against a white background talking to the disembodied voice of Gebohq the Writer and demands that he should be allowed to say what he wants and not what the writer wants. Gebohq the Writer cedes and says he'll have to pick on Antestarr instead.


*Meanwhile, off the scene, Rob X stands in hte middle of a white background, talking with the non-corperal scriptwriter named Gebohq...*

Rob X: " got that? I want to look and say what I want, not what you or the masses want. You'll leave it at that, or else..."

disembodied voice: "Fine, fine, just don't do anything rash...I guess I'll just have to pick on Antestarr then-"

Antestarr: (out of view)"I heard that!"

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