Template:PostNeS2 Post 111 introduces the character Kiron Nightstrider, not with the main cast, using his Dreamviewer to watch through the dreams he's been having every night. At the end of the post is a Non-Story Note from Gebohq the Writer explaining that other writers should leave the Kiron character alone and allow Highemperor the Writer to continue it himself.


In a rather large complex of caverns ringed with machinery lies a bed. On the bed lies a person in red armor. He is dreaming.

Kiron Nightstrider: *muttering in his sleep* No... that can't be... NOOOOOO!

He suddenly wakes up in the proverbial cold sweat.

Kiron: Whew! What a nightmare. But I keep having it, every night. Surely there must be something to it.

He walks over to a monitor mainframe display labeled "Dreamviewer" and punches up his dream on the computer, in order to, well, view it.


(NSP: Sorry Highemperor -- didn't want to discourage people to wait for you. On that note though, for the other writers, just leave Highemperor's bit alone for now. He'll continue it in another post.)


Britt's Commentary

"Highemperor the Writer never did continue Kiron's story and it was forgotten about until he brought up the character as a possible inclusion for CatH, which focuses on using little known characters from NeS continuity. I did opt for his use and his Dreamviewer, both of which became huge parts for the CatH storyline." - Britt the Writer

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