The Never-ending Story, or "NeS" for short, is a Story written by many Writers that has been running since 1999 til today. The main series encompasses Never-ending Story1, Never-ending Story2 and Never-ending Story3 while also producing several spin-off series that usually act in coordination with the main series itself. Most of the Characters of the main series are self-aware of their Character-hood and understand most of the meta mechanics of the NeS. The NeS is often considered a living entity by many characters, such as Young who refers to the NeS as her "mother". The NeS once had its own Avatar named Eric while its greatest bane is often cited to be the Ever-ending Plot.

The Never-ending Story1

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The Never-ending Story2

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The Never-ending Story3

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NeS 1888

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Hero Force One (Story)

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Clear and the Hopeless

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See also: NeShattered


Pantheons of the NeSiverse

See also: Pantheons of the NeSiverse


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