"The Last of the NeSferatu" was once the title earnt by Nyneve after she survived the destruction of her people. However she would rekindle the NeSferatu species with the help of Antestarr, who was once her lover. She was made NeSorcerer by Merlin, also a former lover, whom she then betrayed and imprisoned within the city of Doughnutdelf. However she relinquished the title to Cool Matty when she realised destiny determined that the NeSorcerer would sacrifice themselves to save the Earth and she was uninclined to do so and thus passed the title to Cool Matty. She became Emperor of Europe with the aid of Potentials Orochi and Midas.



Nyneve, despite being centuries old, retains her beauty and her long, raven hair[Pan 1].


Nyneve is ultimately selfish and cold, verging on being psychopathic - the inability for empathy. Capable of betraying a man she has been intimate with, a man that loves her deeply and the whole while just using him for her own gain. Ultimately trapping him and condemning him to a slow death[Pan 1].




Space Camelot

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Alongside Lynne and Morganna le Fay, Nyneve was an apprentice under Merlin the Wizard and lived in Britannia. When Merlin was finally ready to pass on the mantle of NeSorcerer to one of his apprentices he ultimately chose Nyneve because of her narrative interest, though Morganna believed it was because of the intimate relationship that Merlin had had with Nyneve for many years. He passes on the NeSpell, making her the new NeSorcerer. But no sooner was this done than she betrayed him and signalled her NeSferatu followers to enter Doughnutdelf and slay the druids and mages within. She then trapped Merlin within the city using powerful magic[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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