President of the Outer Galaxies Swim Team is the president of a swim team that is situated in the Outer Galaxies. He's a man dedicated to his sport to the expense of sense. He is ever determined that a swim competition must be held on the planet Tatooine, despite it being completely arid and void of water.


The NeSiverse is ruled by The Big O though all decisions are left to the grand vizier Fladnag the White. The President of the Outer Galaxies Swim Team gets an audience with Fladnag and demands that a swim match must be held on Tatooine as the capital planet of Big O's domain. Fladnag told the president that he was welcome to try provided he could find a pool on the completely arid planet. He's ushered out before he could continue the debate[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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