Template:CharacterPrince Mordred was the son of King Arthur and Arthur's half-sister Morganna le Fay. Born as an incestuous bastard child, Mordred was unable to inherit his Arthur's title as King of Great Britain. Instead that title went to Prince Llacheu when Arthur decided to leave Earth aboard the space vessel Camelot. Mordred went with them as it was Queen Guinevere's intention that Mordred would gain lands on other planets and not attempt to usurp her son's, Llacheu, throne. Mordred is remarkably rational and level-headed amidst the craziness of the Knights of the Round Table and his father's other associates. Though he seeks his father's approval he also has little respect for Arthur as a man of intelligence, and less for Arthur's choice in knights.



Mordred wears a tabard over his armour, like most Knights of the Round Table do, patterned half dark black and half blood red with a diagonal cut. At the centre is his father's crest - three crowns with two smaller crowns sitting atop a single large one[Pan 1].


Mordred is highly rational and not prone to acts of bravery or honour, both of which he'd consider stupid. He holds little respect for those around him, even if he values their services. He's easily angered by the likes of Sir Lancelot but he finds Lancelot's son, Sir Galahad, less offensive and much easier to fight beside. Mordred is happy to engage in gathering missions in the name of science, helping the likes of Merlin the Younger or Sir Bedivere in knowledge-gathering[Pan 1] and is fascinated by new technology[Pan 2].

Mordred has little patience for politics and even less interest in warfare[Pan 2]. He believes in leaving others to solve their own problems and that they should stick to their own business[Pan 3].





Mordred owns a large zweihander sword that he used when he first travelled to space. Though he doubted it would be much use against alien beings, Lancelot instilled the sense that no knight is a knight without a weapon[Pan 1].








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