Template:Character Qwerty Uiop was teamed up with the Heroes of the Never-ending Story and one of the long-line of Tech Characters that have graced the Pages of the NeS. As a Mad Scientist from the 8th Dimension is would be expected that Qwerty has a few skeletons in his closet. Qwerty designed Robots, usually for mass killing, including two of the most infamous Thrawn42689 and Ahnuld. Otherwise Qwerty has also created a mass network of Spy Bots that surround the Haunted House of Heroes in the 8th Dimension and would supposedly help the Heroes keep tabs on the goings-on beyond their HQ walls - if anyone bothered to check the monitors once in a while. Qwerty wouldn't be a Mad Scientist if his personality couldn't be summed up with the single word "eccentric".

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