The ST Clan are an honourable mercenary group that are currently operating on the Cosmic Nullius. They usually hire themselves out as bodyguards for people or objects and act as a kind of police when tasked to do so. Because the Cosmic Nullius cannot have its own police force, as it has no overarching governing body, the laws vary greatly, giving the ST Clan, and other clans, much importance. The Clan is led by ST Clan Leader, who refuses to divulge his true name. The Clan was hired by Clear, the Ambassador of Mars, when she was assaulted by several criminals and orions that tried to take her as a slave.


Each member of the group is given a designated number to identify them without the use of names should the need arise.


ST Clan Leader

Main article: ST Clan Leader

ST Clan Leader is the leader for the clan but keeps his name a secret for security reasons, even from most of the clan members[CatH 1].

Falcon Zac

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Falcon Zac is very cautious and suspicious of everything and takes his role as protector very seriously. Falcon Zac uses a cybernetic arm to a variety of functions[CatH 2]. He is good friends with Lieutenant Randy, ambassador for The Alliance, who got the ST Clan the job of protecting Ambassador Clear[CatH 1].

Ms Mezz

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Ms Mezz is an orion and an expert in the arcane arts. She acts as the group's instructor, teaching its newest or youngest members on the ways of the ST Clan and how to best protect their targets. She taught the likes of Falcon Zac[CatH 3] and Maybelle Child[NeS1 1].


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Mabey is one of the ST Clan and is actively obstructive in his reports and is reluctant to speak without provocation[CatH 1].

Jor Bo

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Pre-NeS History

The clan was founded in the earlier years of the rebellion against the Empire and started by actively raiding their mines and trade centres. When the Alliance was established, the clan became a mercenary unit that hired itself out to small time businesses or worlds that were unable to get adequate military support from the republic government[CatH 1].

Never-ending Story 1

The Fight of the Century of the Week

See also: The Fight of the Century of the Week


Clear and the Hopeless

The World of Tomorrow

See also: The World of Tomorrow

Because the bills for the clan weren't being paid adequately from helping the poorer people of the Alliance, the group eventually decided to move to the newly built Cosmic Nullius and hire themselves out to diplomats there needing protection[CatH 1]. After Clear, the Martian Ambassador, was assaulted by several violent assailants upon the Cosmic Nullius, Lieutenant Randy helped her hire the ST Clan for protection[CatH 4]. After several days Clear was released from hospital and Falcon Zac was first to escort her out[CatH 2].


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