Template:CharacterSir Bedivere was a Knight of the Round Table and an adviser to King Arthur due to his intelligence and deductive reasoning. He often acted to counter the low intelligence of his liege. He was integral to working out the new ways of space travel and the space vessel Camelot itself.



Sir Bedivere has dark hair[Pan 1].


Intelligent though fairly humble. He would diplomatically question King Arthur's wisdom and intelligence by seeking awareness or confirmation of Arthur's knowledge. He is quick to educate Arthur on titbits of knowledge that he believes Arthur will understand. Bedivere is well-adjusted and sees the deliberate provocations of Morganna le Fay and Sir Kay and refuses to rise to their bait[Pan 1].







Space Camelot

See also: Space Camelot

As one of King Arthur's most intelligent and worthy advisers, Sir Bedivere is invited to a secret and informal meeting at Tintagel Castle to discuss the finding of an ancient space ship beneath Great Britain itself. Bedivere is sceptical until Arthur confirms it was Merlin the Elder that explains the function of the ship and that the only way to raise it from beneath the landmass is to force a huge surge of magical energy into it. This magic would have to come from Morgan le Fay's sacrifice of her magical island Avalon[Pan 1]. Merlin the Younger is sent to Mount Snowdon with Sir Kay, Sir Bedivere and the Aes Sidhe witch Shalott to watch for the rising spaceship, Camelot, from the Irish Sea. Instead of coming up in the sea, however, it comes up from beneath Ireland itself and threatens to send the entire island into the depths. Shalott calls upon other Aes Sidhe to aid her in saving the land and balancing the whole island again while Kay and Bedivere are attacked by the Afanc. A mental communiqué to Vivane at Stonehenge informs Morganna, who is rising the ship, to move it slightly to the left and avoid destroying all of Ireland[Pan 2].


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